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The California Bankruptcy Forum is an organization comprised of local bankruptcy fora throughout the State of California. Its primary purposes are to provide educational support, a structure for communication between the bench and bar and networking between the members, thereby providing better service to the public.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the California Bankruptcy Forum (the “Forum” or the “corporation”) shall be to promote and enhance the value of the bankruptcy system and process in the State of California. The Forum shall encourage and draw membership from all professional disciplines involved in the bankruptcy system and process in the State of California, including without limitation accountants, appraisers, auctioneers, attorneys, bankers, brokers, consultants, crisis managers, judges, and trustees.

The Forum shall sponsor educational programs and activities, and employ other appropriate vehicles to encourage and promote the creation, exchange and dissemination of information that improves bankruptcy practice and procedure in the State of California.

The corporation may engage in any activities approved by the board of directors (or, within the scope of its delegated authority, the Executive Committee of the board of directors) consistent with the foregoing.

Our Mission

The mission of the California Bankruptcy Forum is to:

  • Oversee the timely administration of the bankruptcy needs of legal professionals;

  • Provide educational support with programs, both local and statewide, for attorneys, other insolvency professionals, and the community, to better serve both the community and the profession.

IRS Required Notice:

The IRS requires that not-for-profit associations give their members the
following notices.

  1. Your dues to local California Bankruptcy Forum chapters are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be used as a business deduction.

  2. No portion of California Bankruptcy Forum dues are allocated to lobbying.


The California Bankruptcy Forum organization does not offer representation, provide legal advice or lawyer referrals.

For referrals you may contact:

  • State Bar of California Law Referral Service Program
    1-866-442-2529 (in CA) or 415-538-2250 (outside of CA)

The forum’s membership list is available on this website and available to any interested party. The membership list is only periodically updated. Contact the administrator of the local forum serving a region for up-to-date information on a specific individual’s current membership status.